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Shenzhen Superbay Headquarters Sky Ring of the Bay



Evolving from continuous roof plane and functional north-south height differences, a vivid sky-ring has been sculpted atop the building to be a unique place in the city; an elevated lush and magical garden and hovering light at the edge of the bay. This is the image that represents enterprise's concept of a smart city and the Internet which connects everything as a central image: perfection, portal, link, pure, respect for the public and the environment, reflecting the imagination of the forward-looking culture and future of the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base integrated with technology and life.

From night to day, from day to night, there is a circular change from Mirage to Miracle, from the virtual city of technology to the green city with humanity context. With the four seasons and time, the project presents different humanities and innovative cooperation. It is a project with timeless setting, looking to the future, encouraging dreams to happen.
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