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臺灣溪頭福華度假飯店漢光樓改造HanGuang Building Renovation at Howard Resort Xitou in Taiwan



Built in 1976, Han Guang Building is an RC structure building with four floors above ground and one floor below ground, with a total of 72 rooms. As one of the important facilities in the Education Service Center of Xitou Nature Education Park, Hanguang Building not only provides accommodation services for academic discussion, teaching practice, experimental research, but also becomes an ideal place for forest rest.

As a project focusing on the renovation and improvement of the building as a whole and the surrounding landscape, Hanguang Tower plays a key role in improving the overall image and service capability of the education service center of Xitou Nature Education Park. Combined with the renovated Yun Shan building, ecological education and tourism are linked to the forest living experience, service and quality. Under the brand's emphasis on circular economy and sustainability, the combination of space design and operational management once again shows the charm of this prestigious eco-tourism base, attracting more people to explore.
攝影師:朱逸文 / Rex Chu
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