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Dongguan International Business District Central Park Competition

東莞國際商務區定位為“東莞門戶、城市客廳、創新樞紐、區域引擎”,未來將打造為“世界智造門戶、灣區魅力都心”。 東莞中心文化公園位於東莞國際商務區核心位置,將借助粵港澳大灣區協同發展的契機,為實現東莞的新一次騰飛提供推動力。


VAL與SWA GROUP合作參與了本項目,並獲得2021年美國景觀建築師協會優秀獎。

Dongguan International Business District is positioned as "the gateway of Dongguan, the living room of the city, the innovation hub and the regional engine", and will be built into "the gateway of the world's intelligent manufacturing and the charming capital of the Bay Area" in the future. Dongguan Central Cultural Park is located at the core of Dongguan International Business District, and will take advantage of the opportunity of the coordinated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to provide a driving force for Dongguan's new take-off.

The banyan tree, as a native tree species in South China, provides the design inspiration for the central park with its tenacious spirit of taking root and living like a torch. The development of the city, like the growth of life, is a dynamic and innovative process.

VAL and SWA GROUP collaborated on this project and won 2021 ASLA Northern California Chapter Merit Award.

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