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Furui Health North Lake Resort and Wellness Center



Furui Health North Lake Resort and Wellness Center is an immersive high-end medical center focusing on preventive health testing, taking into account medical services and comfortable vacation, integrating modern preventive treatment testing, research and development headquarters and education center as one, and improving the function and program of high-end health management center, taking into account the independence, privacy and connectivity of each function. Echoing the regional development vision of the Science and Innovation Department of the North shore core area of the North Lake, combined with the overall plan, to inspire the future waterfront healthy human settlement demonstration park.

Furui Health North Lake Resort and Wellness Center is located in the North Lake Scenic Area, Yangshan New District, Xinyang City, Henan Province, only 7 kilometers away from the city center. The center is carefully planned and designed by VAL design team to seamlessly connect high-quality medical resources with natural environment resources, creating an immersive high-end medical center. The VAL design team draws inspiration from the surrounding natural scenery and brings it into the interior to create a healthy tone of comfort, tranquility and growth, thus enabling the user's body to repair itself in a sustainable way.
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