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臺灣溪頭福華度假飯店漢光樓改造Mandarin Glory Renovation at Howard Resort Xitou in Taiwan

漢光樓 (Mandarin Glory),建於1976年,位於南投縣鹿谷鄉內湖村,海拔1150米處。這座四層RC結構最初設計為溪頭自然教育園區的教育服務中心,提供學術研討會和森林休憩的住宿設施。然而,長期的使用和翻修導致設施老化和空間限制,包括設備增加、外立面老化和景觀整合受損。


為了迎合當代生態旅遊的趨勢,漢光樓 (Mandarin Glory)進行了全面的外部和內部空間改造。這次整修專注於通過最大化自然採光、優化景觀整合和更新設施,提升訪客體驗。具體而言,增設天窗和落地窗使自然光線充足,創造寧靜明亮的綠色環境。更新的設施包括觀景平台和休憩區,讓客人舒適地欣賞周圍的景觀。


此外,保留原有結構的同時,漢光樓 (Mandarin Glory)通過更新外立面和選用環保材料,與自然環境無縫融合。例如,採用耐候環保材料,大部分保留現有窗戶和結構框架,以減少環境影響,同時提升可持續性和美學。


這次轉型不僅提升了漢光樓 (Mandarin Glory)的功能和效率,還將其定位為溪頭自然教育園區內的重要生態旅遊目的地。它推進了環境保護和可持續發展目標,融合生態教育、旅遊體驗和現代設計概念,展示了獨特的森林生活方式和自然環境的魅力。

Mandarin Glory, constructed in 1976, is located in Neihu Village, Lugu Township, Nantou County, at an elevation of 1150 meters. This four-story RC structure was originally designed as an educational service center within the Xitou Nature Education Area, offering accommodations for academic seminars and forest recreation. Over time, however, extensive use and renovations led to aging facilities and spatial constraints, including increased equipment, facade deterioration, and compromised landscape integration.


In response to contemporary trends in ecotourism, Mandarin Glory underwent a comprehensive refurbishment of its exterior and interior spaces. The renovation focused on enhancing visitor experiences by maximizing natural lighting, optimizing landscape integration, and updating facilities to better connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Specifically, the inclusion of skylights and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows brings natural light indoors, creating serene and bright green environments. Updated facilities include observation platforms and relaxation areas, allowing guests to enjoy surrounding vistas in comfort.


Furthermore, while preserving the original structure, Mandarin Glory integrated seamlessly into its natural surroundings through facade updates and environmentally friendly material choices. For instance, weather-resistant eco-materials were utilized, with existing windows and structural frameworks largely retained to minimize environmental impact while enhancing sustainability and aesthetics.


This transformation not only improved the functionality and efficiency of Mandarin Glory but also positioned it as a pivotal ecotourism destination within the Xitou Nature Education Area. It advances environmental conservation and sustainable development goals, blending ecological education, tourism experiences, and modern design concepts to showcase a unique forest lifestyle and the allure of natural surroundings.

攝影師:朱逸文 / Rex Chu



南投溪頭住宿「溪頭福華渡假飯店」完美蛻變的漢光樓全新房型, 與森林為舞、璀璨星空相伴



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