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Kunming Expo Pavilions



In 1999, the World Horticultural Exposition with the theme of "Man and Nature - Towards the 21st Century" was successfully held in Kunming. Expo 1999 was the pride of every Kunming people! Let Yunnan go to the world, let the world know Yunnan.In the 20 years after the meeting, facing the new topic of "post-Expo", Kunming Expo Park hopes to enrich diversified tourism modes through landscape improvement, achieve sustainable development of the Expo area, and promote the overall urban regeneration of the city.

VAL teamed up with SWA to reduce the traces of artifacts, hoping to reduce the building to a "landscape" in nature. During the landscape improvement of the Expo Park, the design team integrated the ups and downs of the natural terrain into the architectural space. By hiding the building and maintaining the continuity of the surrounding natural environment, the building was hidden in the natural environment. Through diversified walking experience, so that people could be more deeply integrated into the natural environment. 
攝影師:劉松愷 / Kyle Liu

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