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臺灣新北市新板極 TOP 高層住宅
New Taipei City New Benji TOP High-rise Residence



Located in a traditional alley next to the main urban artery of Minzu Road in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, the development plot of New Benji TOP is formed by merging several plots after the demolition of old buildings. The streets on three sides of the base are narrow, and the surrounding buildings are staggered in height. Based on the government's urban regeneration incentive policy, the floor area ratio of new buildings can be appropriately increased to form high-rise residential buildings in urban alleys.

The main design concept revolves around the vitality of the neighborhood, combining architectural sense of place and materials to resonate with cultural memories and local traditions. The building volume is planned into nine columns according to unit plan layout, and the square volume of the building is divided by six thick walls with inclined tops, which reduces the visual oppression to the neighborhood while giving people a safe and stable sculptural city skyline. It creates an interesting visual focus from all directions and echoes the distant mountain ridge.
攝影師:朱逸文 / Rex Chu

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