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臺灣溪頭福華度假飯店雲杉樓改造YunShan Building Renovation at Howard Resort Xitou in Taiwan

VAL與福華集團下之福杉國際旅館管理顧問股份有限公司,OD Studio 米氏生活,共同參與改造修繕設計溪頭福華度假飯店,本項目也榮獲臺灣第20屆民間參與公共建設金擘獎。雲杉樓的改造作為再生的生態教育基地的第一個專案,功能由原本純粹的餐廳,結合新的功能如酒店的接待大廳,咖啡廳,手工教室與戶外展演成為歡迎遊客與訪客到達的森林之家,以溫暖的招待之心,讓人放鬆的沉浸與體驗接下來的生態慢生活之旅。

VAL, Howard Hotel Group's Fu Shan International Hotel Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and OD Studio, jointly participated in the renovation and design of Howard Resort Xitou, which also won the the 20th Taiwan Golden Thumb Awards For Public Private Partnership in Taiwan.The renovation of the Yun Shan Building, as the first project of the regenerated ecological education base, transforms the original pure restaurant into a forest home that welcomes tourists and visitors by combining new functions such as the hotel's reception hall, cafe, handicraft classroom and outdoor performance. With a warm heart of hospitality, people can relax and immerse themselves in the ecological journey that follows.
攝影師:朱逸文 / Rex Chu
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